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A Non-Drying Acne Treatment Perfect for Breakout-Prone Summer Skin


There are a couple great upsides of my oily complexion: 1. no dry flaky skin most of the year and 2. an occasionally dewy appearance in photos. But one of the major downsides is that in extra hot and humid weather, no matter how much mattifier I wear or how many oil-absorbing sheets I have on hand, inevitably within an hour of being outside, I will be a gleaming glistening mess. And that means I can expect my fair share of breakouts coming very soon.

The one surefire way I’ve discovered to avoid seriously bad flare ups this time of year: using salicylic acid products. The latest formula that I’ve added to my regime is DDF’s acne control treatment and it’s one of the most effective that I’ve tried. 

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Might have to try this.

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